Q.1 What kind of university is AGU?

From the Community to the Community
Founded in 1999 by the prominent Al Ghurair Group, AGU is a community oriented university that is licensed by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. AGU offers a comprehensive set of accredited programs at undergraduate and graduate level that are tailored to serve the needs of the UAE and the wider GCC. AGU has invested in the development of a superior yet affordable quality learning environment. Its students enjoy a dedicated campus equipped with state of the arts facilities and study internationally benchmarked programs taught by world class faculty members.

Q.2 Does the Ministry of Higher Education, UAE, recognize AGU?

Yes - The AGU is recognized by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research, as a private university licensed to provide higher education in UAE.

Q.3 What kind of environment does AGU provide?

The university strives to provide an environment which is learner centered. It also continuously strives to achieve excellence in all areas of teaching and learning. The university promotes diversity and encourages the harmonious co-existence of people from various educational, cultural, social and economic backgrounds.

Q.4 What is the background of students at AGU?

The AGU is committed to achieve excellence in teaching and research and provides the best education possible to its students, who come from more than 35 countries. These include countries as diverse as UAE, GCC nationals, other countries like Syria, Sudan, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Nigeria, India and Pakistan etc.

Q.5 How does the AGU fee structure compare with other universities in UAE?

One of the important parts of the mission of AGU is to offer quality education of international standards at affordable cost to the students. Therefore, the cost of education at AGU is lower than average.

Q.6 What is special about AGU?

Due to the close affiliation to the business world of the UAE, students have the confidence that they are studying in programs that stay relevant to their careers, and the market needs. We ensure that our programs stay tuned to the requirements of students and industries through a series of feedback and monitoring mechanisms. These include focus group meetings, effective board of advisors, industry based surveys etc. Our students can be confident that they shall have the skills required in their professions after successfully completing our programs.

Our students also have access to a range of excellent and state-of-the-art learning support systems. Our learning resources include Blackboard, a learning management system that helps students use IT and computer resources for on-line learning and other academic work. These subscriptions allow them access to the latest magazines and journals. An Electronic Student Management and Information System help them keep track of their academic and other records in a user friendly and efficient manner.

Q.7 What kinds of academic programs are offered by AGU?

AGU offers following programs at undergraduate and graduate levels through its six colleges:

College of Business Studies

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

    • Marketing
    • Finance
    • Information Systems and E-Commerce
    • Accounting
    • International business

  2. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    • Human Resource Management
    • Financial Management
    • Project Management

College of Engineering and Computing
  1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (BSCIS)
  2. Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (BSEEE) -This program is also internationally recognized from ABET
  3. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering (BSCSE)
  4. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME)
  5. Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM)
  6. Master of Science in Information Technology and Management (MSITM)

College of Law
  1. Bachelor of Law (Arabic Medium)
  2. Master of Public Law (Arabic Medium) - likely to be launched soon
  3. Master of Private Law (Arabic Medium) - likely to be launched soon

College of Design
  1. Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design (BAID)
  2. Bachelor of Architecture (BARCH)

College of Education
  1. Bachelor of Education - Arabic Medium
    • Social Studies
    • Arabic and Islamic Studies
  2. Professional Diploma in Teaching (PDT) - Arabic Medium

College of Mass Communication
  1. Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations - Arabic Medium
  2. Professional Diploma in Journalism (PDJ) - Arabic Medium

Note:The program structure of the Bachelor' s degrees consists of a basic component of General Education courses, foundation courses, and core and specialization courses. To graduate, students are required to complete successfully the prescribed number of credits of the general education courses listed for the programs of each College followed by the prescribed number of credits of foundation and specialization courses as specified by the structure of the program. These courses are provided by the Department of Foundation and General Studies.

Q.8 Are AGU programs reliable?

The programs offered by AGU are reliable and of an international standard. The term ‘reliable’, refers to the fact that AGU has the capability to sustain the programs over time. AGU guarantees that its students will not suffer in any way in the future, due to the lack of resources.

Q.9 Do the programs provide hands-on learning experiences and training facilities?

All the professional programs offered by AGU contain projects and/or internships for this purpose. These learning components are closely supervised by experienced faculty and are designed to add real life experiences to the classroom component. In some programs this is optional, while in others it is compulsory.

Q.10 What kind of campus and facilities does AGU have?

Al Ghurair University is located in Dubai International Academic City and functioning in a campus with vast covered area fully equipped with state of the art computer labs, spacious classrooms with audio-visual resources and excellent recreational facilities. Besides, Cultural and Community Service (orientation and service learning), counseling, sports and recreational facilities like Gymnasium and well planned & effective transportation services, general services like cafeteria, and health services are provided to students.

Q.11 Does AGU provide Hostel facilities for boys and girls?

The Student Affairs Office supports the housing needs of its students through conveniently located, cost effective accommodation separately for boys and girls to meet the University's commitment to its educational mission. The Student Affairs Office is responsible for the accommodation.

Q.12 Does AGU provides visa?

Yes - AGU makes arrangement for UAE visas for international students.

Q.13 What are the employment prospects after studying at AGU? Will industry in UAE recognize AGU degrees and students for training and jobs?

The graduates of AGU are required to develop certain skills and competencies at the end of the programs. AGU aims to continuously improve its programs in line with industry and employer requirements. Since the academic programs of the university are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of UAE, the Degrees awarded by AGU are fully recognized everywhere for higher studies, training, and jobs purposes.

Q.14 Does the University arrange on-campus interviews?

Yes - The Career Planning and Placement Services (CAPPS) Services Unit organize career fair every year at the AGU Campus where companies from government and private sector participate. This provides a good opportunity to AGU students to seek career advice and look for employment and internship

Q.15 Does the University provide scholarships?

The students pursuing their education with AGU may be eligible to receive some financial aid in the form of scholarship/tuition fee discount. The categories of scholarship/tuition fee discount available for AGU students along with the eligibility criteria are given below.

Scholarship And Financial Aid for Undergraduate Programs:

  1. University Admission/Entrance Scholarship
    A first time student who demonstrates academic excellence by achieving a minimum score of 85% and above or equivalent in the final year of secondary education, may apply for merit scholarship.
    The scholarships granted in this category are:

  2. Secondary School Examination Marks

    Applicable Tuition Fee Discount 
    (during first semester)

    Required CGPA for Renewal

    95% and above


    CGPA 3.85

    90- 94.9 %


    CGPA 3.80

    85- 89.9 %


    * Those students who received 50% discount on tuition fee on the basis of their result in Secondary Examination marks (95% and above) will receive the discount of 50% till they continue to maintain the CGPA of 3.85 and above.

  3. University Merit Scholarship:
    Detail of University merit scholarship is elaborated as under:

  4.  Scholarship

    Tuition Fee Discount

    Required CGPA

    President's Honor List


    3.95 - 4.00

    Deans' Honor List


    3.90 to less than 3.95


    3.80 to less than 3.90


  5. Family Tuition Fee Discounts:
    Families who have more than one brother or sister studying at AGU are eligible for 25% tuition fee discount for the second member of the family as long as they are enrolled simultaneously. The spouses of the students studying at AGU simultaneously are also eligible.

Scholarship And Financial Aid for Graduate Programs:

  1. AGU Alumni/Alumnae Discount
  2. University Merit Scholarships at Admission
  3. University Merit Scholarship during the Program
  4. Family Tuition Discount
  5. AGU Employee Tuition Discount
  6. Government Employee Discount (discount in tuition fee for any employee of UAE Government)
  7. Corporate Discount
  8. Strategic Partner Scholarship (discount for any employee of a company signed MOU with AGU)
  9. Referral Discount (discount in tuition fee for one student referred by the student of AGU graduate program).

Details of scholarship :


No discount

CGPA Baccalaureate 3.50 to less than 3.60

Referral Discount, (CGPA Baccalaureate 3.60 to less than 3.70)

AGU Employee, Govt. Employee, Corporate Discount, Strategic Partner Scholarship,  (CGPA Baccalaureate 3.70 to less than 3.80)

AGU Alumni, Family Discount, (CGPA Baccalaureate 3.80 to less than 3.90)

AGU Alumni who work for the UAE Govt.

(CGPA Baccalaureate 3.90 and above)

Percentage of discount








Q.16 What kind of faculty does AGU have?

AGU has faculty members from diverse educational, cultural and national backgrounds. They have qualifications from well-known international universities. Majority of the faculty members hold doctoral degrees in their fields of specialization and are actively engaged in teaching, research and consultancy to continuously upgrade and improve their qualifications and skills. The University is ensuring to maintain the exemplary faculty-student ratio 1-to-20 or better which is expected of a high quality private not-for-profit university.

Q.17 How do I apply to AGU? ?

Application forms can be downloaded from the University website. You can also obtain the application forms from the Admission Office, 04-4200223, E-mail: apply@agu.ac.ae

Q.18 Does AGU offer courses in the summer?

Yes, summer courses are offered in selected disciplines. The schedule of courses is announced in May/June of each academic year.

Q.19 Does AGU offer courses in the summer?

Yes, summer courses are offered in selected disciplines. The schedule of courses is announced in May/June of each academic year.